Resort Jobs & Ranch Jobs | Employment Opportunities at Siwash Lake

Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort recruits regularly for resort jobs and ranch jobs. We attract hard working individuals for a variety of roles in numerous areas of our operation. 

These are filled by contractors, employees or volunteers, depending on the project at hand.
We build world-class teams who thrive on our pursuit of excellence in the wilds! 

We have very high standards and as such require those who are eager to learn; possess a strong work ethic; have the capacity and stamina to pursue excellence in their tasks; and can thrive in an isolated wilderness environment.

Join our food and beverage team, ranch hand and construction team, guide team, guest services team, housekeeping team, research team, land clearing and silviculture team, to name a few...

We Are Hiring!

June through August, 2021
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Staff Profile

"Hello, my name is Nikki. I am from Vancouver Island, BC. I was a member of the Siwash Guest Services Team in the summer...

Apply for a fun job at Siwash Lake and join a world-class team   When new guests arrived at the ranch, it was my pleasure to show them around the lodge and get them acquainted with the nice pace of country life.

Each day, I set the dining room tables with a miniature bouquet of wildflowers from the meadow, I delivered warm muffins and coffee to each guest room and I swept the front porch, which was always adorned with one of our happy sleeping dogs.

Hanging freshly washed linens on the clothesline, composting organics and building a fire for the evening, was all part of my work. 

From any window in the lodge it is a memory postcard, whether it be the lake or the riders setting out on the trails.

All these marvels, even the sky at night and the silence of dusk is something that can't be described.

I knew each of the 26 horses by name and recognized their individual whinny or knicker from outside my tent door.

As I left the resort in the fall, bound for the city with well worn gumboots and a green thumb, I was a little more of a country girl — and the Siwash Team had changed to the Siwash Family.

What an amazing experience and environment in which to grow, for staff and guests alike."
Siwash Staff Quarters for Live-in Workers
Heated and furnished wall tent with AC power
(Junior staff will share with 2 or 3 to a tent, dorm style)
Siwash staff tent.

A Team worth Joining

We’ll help you to grow as a person and learn valuable lifelong lessons while working at Siwash Lake, but there are many other benefits of working at the resort:

  • We offer fair remuneration in accordance with industry standards. Remuneration packages increase in line with the level of growth and performance.
  • We tailor contract descriptions to fit the personalities and abilities of each individual.
  • We recognize the efforts and successes of our top performing, returning staff with incentives.
  • You can enjoy some truly wonderful wilderness activities during your leisure time at the resort. You’ll experience a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • We offer discounted trips for your families and friends.
  • We provide you with training and the opportunities to learn new skills, to multi-task and to advance.
  • We offer a variety of contracts with varying work schedules.
  • We provide accommodation for live-in workers and those who live local may commute to the job (i.e. contractors).
  • Wireless Internet service is available in the staff lounge for you to check email with your own device during applicable hours daily.
  • There are substantial cost-of-living advantages. There are no local entertainment venues or shops to spend your money on. In most cases, you’ll save what you earn.
  • There are plenty of opportunities to make valuable contacts – to make friends and meet guests from around the world and you will be surrounded by quality people.
  • It’s our goal to hire you for the long term, and we’ll do our best to invite you back for ensuing seasons

Our Hiring Criteria for Employees, Contractors & Volunteers

The resort has gained a reputation for having the finest staff anywhere; we strive to attract those with the right attitude and work ethic and then train comprehensively to produce world-class talent. People who have worked at Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort say they have never worked harder, but feel the rewards are well worth it. Those who work here thrive on wilderness living and the pursuit of excellence.

We are looking for self-motivated, goal oriented individuals to join our teams and experience the best that BC has to offer. With the nature of our business, we require people who can take initiative, are flexible and can multi-task.

We carefully examine references and choose only those who demonstrate integrity, a willingness to learn, and an ability to work well with others. Our staff members are self-reliant, independent and capable. Successful candidates have a positive attitude and are ready for a challenge. Star team members have seemingly unlimited stamina, show pride in their work and are very loyal to management.

Please consider carefully before applying. You may be required to re-locate to a unique setting at the resort where staff work, live and socialize together in a remote communal environment. It takes a certain type of individual and strength of character to be happy here. A lot of this is seasonal work and by nature it can be very intense. It’s definitely not for everyone.

However, if you can commit and contribute to the lifestyle, foster the success of the business, and have a clear goal, purpose and motivation for working at our eco-resort, then you may have what we are looking for. Successful candidates have an affinity for working with a discerning, sophisticated clientele, and are comfortable with children and animals. They have a desire to embrace the concept of sustainability in a wilderness setting.

If you would like to be a part of this team, we invite you to submit an application. Some of the jobs are offered on a contract basis, owing to the seasonal nature of the business.

Those applicants who can cover more than one of the positions below will be our preferred candidates, as well as those with previous and pertinent experience.


Guest Service Job Positions at the Ranch (Primary Season Work)

Interested applicants please download an Application Form

*Owing to the number of applications that we receive, please be advised that we will only acknowledge those that we deem promising for this season's openings. Others we may not acknowledge, but will keep on file for the future, or in case we need someone in a hurry mid-season. If you don't hear back from us this year, please feel free to re-apply next year.

Who Can Apply

We welcome job inquiries from all whom have an interest in the adventure tourism realm, including:
  • Outdoor Recreation, Tourism and Hospitality professionals
  • Young people starting out in the work force with pertinent life experience
  • High school and college/university students with pertinent life or previous work experience
  • Co-op programs
  • Individuals looking for employment after an extended break
  • Trades people looking to diversify
  • Professionals looking for a career change