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The Ridge at Siwash Lake

A carpet of magenta fireweed on the Ridge amid a fire-licked forest   Across the lake from the Ranch, a ridge of land climbs steeply out of the water through a fire-licked forest. Atop, you'll find the perfect platform for panoramic vistas of far horizons. From this higher ground, one looks east over Siwash Lake and the wilds beyond, and to the west lay the Marble Mountains. We've dubbed this area of the resort, 'The Ridge at Siwash Lake'.

For many years, the Ridge was kept wild, run over by dense underbrush and thick forest of Douglas fir.

In 2012, after some select logging and careful tending of the land, a private enclave of Canvas Cabins was erected.
These became Siwash signature accommodations.

Sleeping beneath the stars in one of our safari-inspired tents was an adventure in itself.  Complete with en-suite bathrooms and expansive sundecks, they offered sweeping views of the lake, ranch house and meadows.

In 2016, the canvas-curtained Ridge Pavilion made its debut. It was just a few minutes walk up the Ridge trail to the Pavilion, which became the hub of the resort for dining and lounging. It was all open air, with multi-level decks and a sunken campfire pit in the centre. The Pavilion experience was the ultimate for fine dining amid Nature.

With these new structures, Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort redefined the hottest new trend in high-end travel—the "Glamping" (glamorous camping) experience.

With our spacious pioneer wall tents and rustically elegant Pavilion, we offered a rare luxury adventure in the wilds that many will cherish forever.

Sadly, in 2017, the massive 200,000 hectare Elephant Hill  forest fire went on a rampage,
flattening all of the structures pictured above and charring much of the surrounding forest.
We were devastated.
We had been so very proud of our custom creations. Developing the Ridge structures and experiences was truly a labour of love.
Even the lumber was home-made... hand logged in nearby forest and then milled onsite.
We had spared not a single detail, only to have it all go up in smoke, literally!

Post Script....
In the past year since the forest fire, Mother Nature has impressed us with her ability to heal the land.
We've discovered islands of refugia and some exciting pioneer species, as well as natural regeneration of trees like the Aspen poplar. 
  Saplings are 6ft. tall, magenta fire-weed reaches past our horses bellies, and fire moss is spread like a chartreuse carpet of velvet upon the forest floor. 
Striking, blackened trees stand like silent sentinels.
And now, more than ever, the night sky, with its Milky Way spanning from north to south above, is breathtaking.
This post-wildfire ecosystem is truly enchanting.
The Ridge — re-birthed by wildfire — is a spectacular setting for our new Siwash Star Camp™ !!


New for 2019

Star Camp™
on the Ridge at Siwash Lake

The land on the Ridge is reawakening after the forest fire.

We are building some new canvas structures to resurrect the Glamping experience at Siwash.

Siwash Star Camp™ is set to make its debut in summer of 2019!

In the meantime, the views from atop the Ridge are still stunning. It's the best place on the property to watch a stellar sunrise or sunset.

At night, by the warmth of a campfire, gaze at the most remarkable starlit skies. If your lucky, you'll enjoy a show of Aurora Borealis—the Northern Lights!



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