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Our Bees!

Bees and Trees (see our next blog for Trees) help make the world go round. We are so proud of our bees — they may be little, but they work so hard. Bees are essential to life of all kinds! They're not just important for plant life, or for keeping a balance between other species and their environments, but they also play a vital role in regulating our food systems! Bees immensely support the agricultural industry — did you know, they contribute around $3,250 to crop production per hectare per year?




Just like much of the wildlife in the Cariboo region, our bees have woken from winter too! Allyson spotted them buzzing about on one of her walks the other day. Our Bee's home base is located in the heart of the ranch gardens! And, our local Beekeeper-Cowboy cross, Roy — pictured below — takes care of these intricate creatures. After the Elephant Hill Wildfire, our land has flourished with fireweed flowers, making for delicious fireweed honey.  Check out the National Geographic article linked below to learn a bit more about Honeybee's.

 HoneyBee — National Geographic


Beekeeping at Siwash