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Wellness in the Wild

Wellness at this eco lodge and luxury ranch is about finding inspiration from our beautiful, regenerating wilderness along a path towards renewal and reconnection.

Whether or not you are intentionally seeking wellness here, we promise that you will depart feeling relaxed, revived and inspired. The complete peace and quiet will certainly seep into your soul, giving you a renewed sense of calm within.
Stresses dissolve and worries evaporate in the wilds of Siwash Lake, where finding wellness amid Nature is at the core of every stay.


Find inspiration from the dynamic, regenerating landscapes around Siwash Lake

Ponder the Possibilities

As you come through the ranch gates, you can start to relax and breath freely knowing that the stresses of modern-day life are far behind. Surrounded by the power of Nature, you are embarking on a journey to inner peace and wellness. Relish the possibilities at hand for practicing mindfulness during many memorable moments at Siwash Lake. Indulge in our nourishing, delicious cuisine and enjoy the opportunities to soothe your mind, body and soul while reawakening your senses.
Siwash Lake Ranch - dawn

Revitalize Your Senses

Tuning in to the soothing effects of water can help us greatly as we restore our relationship with Nature and our inner selves. Revitalize with a plunge under the waterfalls, or take a daily swim in the lightly mineralized waters of Siwash Lake — followed by a warm soak in the wood-fired cedar hot tub. After a very full day of adventure on the ranch, kayak out to our floating hammock for a re-energizing nap before dinner.
Swim under the waterfalls or take a plunge into the lightly mineralized waters of Siwash Lake

Wood-fired cedar hot tub at Star Camp

 Seek Solace in the Stars

Rediscover your sense of wonder at this sanctuary in the wilds. At nightfall, while tucked into luxurious linens — cozy under your canopy of white canvas — gaze up at an infinity of stars shining from the dark indigo sky above. Become centered within your universe.

Seek solace in the stars at Siwash Lake

Meditation in Nature   Backcountry hiking in Nature

Search for Simple Joys

Reconnect with the natural world and the pure joys of childhood. Take a stroll through our grasslands while being mindful of your breathing... inhale deeply the glorious scent of wildflowers. Feel the caress of a gentle breeze, and find delight amid the fresh country air.

Take a stroll through our grasslands

Therapeutic Treatments

While cocooned amid honey-hued log walls in the treatment room of the main ranch house — tended by our expert therapist whose touch is so remarkably healing — indulge in a customized massage treatment. Our Siwash signature facial treatment, which also offers the power of human touch, features delectable skin care products by Éminence Organics.

Siwash Lake massage room

A jog through the forest   The wisdom of an old growth fir tree emanates from its bark   Hike through wildflowers

 Wellness Menu

  • Enjoy a relaxation massage or signature facial treatment
  • Listen to the sounds of the wild and gaze at stars above as you soak in a wood-fired, cedar hot tub
  • Discover harmony with your horse
  • Savour climate conscious cuisine made with homegrown, locally sourced and foraged food
  • Sleep soundly in fresh air under a canvas canopy at night, or cradled within a hammock for an afternoon nap
  • Quiet your mind with meditation at sunrise or sunset
  • Enjoy a nature walk through sweeping grasslands strewn with wild flowers
  • Enjoy 'wild swimming' in the refreshing waters of the river or lake
  • Get your heart pumping with a run, hike or bike ride on the trails
  • Stretch your muscles by doing your favourite yoga routine in the great outdoors


A relaxing river float in the wild   Harmony with horses   Awaken the senses with wildflowers and waterfalls