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5-Star Canadian Wilderness Safari | River Outpost Adventure

Travel the four kilometers south of the home ranch by foot, horseback, bike or 4x4 to the Siwash River Outpost that beckons for a day-long escape into the wild.

Our site features over one kilometer's length of meandering river front. Families or couples may add this Siwash signature experience onto their ranch stay to experience their own private and bespoke Canadian wilderness safari.


Safari to the Siwash River Outpost on horseback.

the choice is yours!  

Travel by horseback, 4x4 truck, hike or bike. The trip down to the river from Siwash Lake is 1½ - 3 hours, based on guest preference, and same for the way back, following a different path. On route you'll journey through the after effects of the wildfire that swept through in summer of 2017 and learn all about this rare and unique ecosystem. 

Our trails weave in and out of wildfire affected areas and islands of lush green refugia — plenty of pristine forest and meadows that escaped the flames. You will also see secluded wilderness lakes that attract various waterfowl and wildlife, and wide open range with expansive grasslands.

At the river, you will have a couple of hours to explore and relax during this authentic adventure in the wilds. If  you arrived on horseback, your guide will take off bridles and loosen cinches so that your trusty mounts can be haltered and rest quietly nearby.


Your trusty mount awaits while you play at the River.   Water play during the Siwash River Outpost Safari

Classic river flyfishing during the Siwash River Outpost Safari   Try lazy river inner tube floats on your wilderness safari at Siwash Lake.

Swimming, Lazy Tube Floats & Remote River Fly Fishing

In mid-summer the weather is generally plenty hot enough for you to take a refreshing dip in the wilderness waters. Enjoy our quintessential river swim hole, where you can play amid the gentle current in a depth of water that is well over your head. And discover what lazy river inner tube floats are all about — a ton of fun for the whole family!

This River Outpost Safari also offers remote fly fishing in the wild. Alongside your private riding, hiking or biking guide, an angling guide will be there to coach you in fly-casting for Rainbow trout and other native species.

Enjoy a delicious picnic lunch on the riverbank. On cool days you can snuggle in close to the campfire. Enjoy cowboy coffee prepared over the flames, served in enamel-ware cups, and marshmallows roasted over the open fire.

Snuggle up by the campfire at the Siwash River Outpost.   Picnic lunch is served in a clearing by the river bank.

View down stream at the Siwash River Outpost - a great Canadian wilderness safari.