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Luxury Star Gazing Experience | Siwash Lake Dark Sky Reserve

Siwash Lake is perched on a high plateau amid raw wilderness. At this private dark sky reserve, sky watching and star gazing is an intense, magical and truly luxurious experience in Nature.

Stars sparkle like gem stones on indigo velvet during a clear night at Siwash Lake.



Free of Light Pollution

As a result of the massive 2017 fire, remaining snag forests surrounding Siwash Lake are open, burned clear of debris and thick brush, which has created expansive windows to the horizon.

One can appreciate our natural light on a much grander scale than prior to the fire. Whether you are watching billowy clouds sail across an azure sky or admiring a vibrant sunrise or sunset on the skyline, Siwash Lake provides the perfect viewing platform.

As well, the resort is off-the-grid. Light pollution is minimal here. Far, far away from any form of urban sprawl, there is no ambient light from adjacent cities to compromise the pristine vistas. Our night skies are magnificent amid the natural darkness at Siwash Lake.

Until several generations ago, before the spread of cities and technology could overpower a landscape with lighting, the stars at night were part of the universal human experience; now an estimated 80% of the developed world is unable to see the Milky Way.

Private Dark Sky Reserve

At Siwash Lake, we strive to facilitate greater appreciation for seeing the stars above; it's an experience that so many either take for granted, or haven't truly experienced. We are joining the crusade to preserve the night sky by becoming a private dark sky reserve. Come, stay at Star Camp™

This is a movement that is starting to enter the social consciousness. Light pollution is one of the only types of pollution that’s completely and immediately reversible, and we hope to inspire and educate our guests to make a difference when they return home.





Embrace the Darkness of Night

Visit our private dark sky reserve for the best star gazing. Become a dark sky crusader and marvel at the Milky Way. Delight in the sense of awe that a clear night filled with billions of stars can give. More than beautiful, the night sky is thought-provoking.

Observed from horizon to horizon, the Milky Way spans 70 million billion miles — the largest object that human beings may ever cast eyes upon. This kind of scale makes one feel tiny, but not insignificant. We are part of the vastness. In this digital age of self-focus, we need to see this broader perspective more than ever.

On a clear night, constellations of stars, the planets, the Milky Way galaxy, and sometimes the Northern Lights — Aurora Borealis — are visible to the naked eye in Siwash night skies.  A look through the telescope will reveal even more wonders of the universe.