Best Glamping in BC, Canada at the Ultra-Private Siwash Star Camp™

For the best glamping in BC and Canada, featured in the Wall Street Journal, enjoy our ultra private Siwash Star Camp™. Sleep in a pioneer-style canvas wall tent under some of the world's clearest skies.

Siwash Star Camp   A special Star Gazing bed with Cedar Soaker Hot Tub in background at Siwash Star Camp   Your very own cedar soaker- style hot tub in Siwash Star Camp

World-Class Glamping in the Wilds of BC

All resort guests have the option of glamping in style atop the Ridge at Siwash Lake. Based on availability, Siwash Star Camp™ can be booked for your whole stay or for one night "a la carte' while you sleep in the Ranch House Suite or the Cariboo barn Loft Suite during the rest of your stay.

In our private dark sky reserve, glamping at Siwash is evolving into a luxury astro-travel experience with extraordinary star gazing. By adding a special sky light to our traditional prospector tents, we offer a rare adventure in the wilds that you'll cherish forever.

There is no better way for getting close to Nature and marveling at the sky, while still enjoying your comforts, than to try glamping within one of these luxury tents. Raw wilderness is literally all around.

Enjoy sleeping in fresh air under canvas, your own private campfire and cedar soak hot tub in the evenings, and on clear nights, world-class star gazing!

Siwash Star Camp™ is located on the Ridge portion of the property. From the Ranch House—which is the hub of the resort for dining, lounging and main guest lodgings — you will enjoy a 10-minute walk across the home meadow, over the lake via a solar-lit boardwalk, and up the trail through a rare and unique, post-wildfire snag forest that is carpeted with bright pink Fireweed flowers. Atop the Ridge, with panoramic views, awaits your lovely Star Camp™ tent, for the most private and exclusive glamping experience in Canada!


Exclusive Glamping at the Siwash Star Camp™

  • 17' x 14' white canvas wall tent on raised platform, fully furnished, with glass-fronted wood-burning stove and special sky watching dome over the bed
  • Set on a high ridge, amid a unique, post-wildfire ecosystem
  • Panoramic views over Siwash Lake and the Marble mountains
  • Spectacular sunrise, sunset, and expansive night skies
  • Star-gazing platform with SkyMaster Pro binoculars and luxe Siwash Star Beds
  • Campfire
  • 1 king bed with pullout love seat (adjacent tent with twin beds available for children)
  • Private and charming 3-piece bathroom facility located on site
  • Wood-fired, cedar soaker-style hot tub

Sky light above the bed for star gazing while glamping at Siwash Star Camp
World-Class Glamping - a luxury tent interior at Star Camp   One of two bathrooms in the wash house at Siwash Star Camp   Private wash house at Siwash Star Camp

Imagine this....

As night falls, you're content under canvas beneath the stars while snuggled amid the finest linens. A loon call resonates from across the lake — the quintessential song of the wilds. A faint scent of wood smoke lingers from fading campfire embers, while a ranch horse whinnies in the distance.

Later, the moon casts gossamer threads of light across your canopy above. Through the window above your bed, you watch the Milky Way stretch across the night sky... Then at dawn, after a blissfully sound sleep, you awaken to crisp country air. Warmth radiates through your tent from the sun's golden glow upon canvas.

Open air dining at Star Camp atop the Ridge at Siwash Lake


World-Class Glamping
Siwash Star Camp™

We have been watching the land on the Ridge regenerate and flourish with awe, following the 2017 forest fire. Nature's enduring powers and beauty are incredible!

We have added a private tented camp with new luxury tents in this unique setting to resurrect the world-class Glamping experience at Siwash.

Siwash Star Camp™  made its debut in mid-summer of 2019!

The views of wild meadows, the lake and distant mountains from atop the Ridge are stunning. It's the best place on the property to watch a stellar sunrise or sunset.

At night, by the warmth of a campfire, gaze at the most remarkable starlit skies. If your lucky, you'll enjoy a show of Aurora Borealis—the Northern Lights!


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