Luxury Wilderness Lodges of Canada | The Magnificent 7

Siwash Lake Luxury Wilderness Resort and Guest Ranch   Canada's very best luxury wilderness resorts are kindred to the Ranch at Siwash Lake. Our unique collection celebrates the synergy between us all: the Magnificent 7 Luxury Wilderness Lodges of Canada.

Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort has joined together with Nimmo Bay, Churchill Wild, the Pacific Yellowfin, Tweedsmuir Park Lodge and Bella Coola Heli-Sports to offer an unrivaled selection of carefully crafted journeys, connecting you to the world's most fascinating people, places and cultures.

The landscapes, waterscapes and adventures that you will find when staying with any one of the partners will perfectly compliment the others, and traveling between them is a unique, seamless affair when arranged by the lodges you've chosen to visit. At each of our partner lodges, you will be wowed by unique, world-class immersive experiences in the wilds of Canada.

The Magnificent 7 collection represents seven common characteristics: authentic and remote wilderness settings; strong family values; service excellence; sustainability; intimate size (largest lodge's maximum capacity is 18 guests); luxurious comforts; and fine cuisine.

The Siwash Lake luxury ranch experience pairs beautifully with any one of our exquisite partners. Most of them are based in British Columbia, from the coastal fjords to the wild plateaus of the Chilcotin range, while one property is in Manitoba, in the Canadian Arctic.

For inspiration and ideas to create multi lodge trips, visit the The Magnificent 7 - Luxury Wilderness Lodges of Canada website. For a sampling of what each lodge offers, please scroll down.

Churchill Wild Luxury Wilderness Lodge of Canada

Churchill Wild

The polar bears won’t remember you. You will never forget them, hiking at ground level through their remote territory for a heart-pounding close encounter. Arctic Canada has a spectacular landscape, from estuary to Boreal forest, bay to inland tundra.

Churchill Wild has four eco-lodges, presenting many angles from which to view polar bears, foxes, caribou, wolves, and over 100 species of birds. The thrall of exotic creatures delights all nature lovers.

From July to November, professional photographers, interpreters, and bear guides lead your group into the Arctic tundra, skirting the edges of Hudson Bay.

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Nimmo Bay Luxury Wilderness Lodge of Canada

Nimmo Bay

Set along the coastline at the foothills of Mt. Stephens, Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort is a journey into the wild! A glacier-fed waterfall provides drinking water and green energy, where luxury and sustainability are realized in breathtaking fashion.

Spacious cottages provide a welcoming and luxurious space to lose your cares in.

Lounge in the hot tub and plan your days gazing upon the waterfall, eagles overhead. Envision the mountaintop you will conquer – your reward will be a delectable picnic on a 10,000-year-old glacier.

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Tweedsmuir Park Lodge

Tweedsmuir Park Lodge

Your excursion begins in magical old growth forest – grizzly territory. The Great Bear Rainforest is their backyard, and they often stroll right past the lodge.

Constructed in 1929, Tweedsmuir Park Lodge initially served as a hunting and fishing retreat, now updated to include modern amenities. Authentic Canadian hospitality ensures your Chalet stay is a welcome getaway.

The vast and rugged Coast Range is the ideal setting for sensational heli-hiking and heli-skiing. Accompany a local guide to learn the Smayustas, the creation stories of the proud Nuxalk people, and visit 10,000-year-old petroglyphs .

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The Pacific Yellowfin

Pacific Yellowfin

Refitted with all modern amenities, Captain Colin Griffinson and his crew expertly engage the sea, navigating the inside channels of the West coast. These mystical waters include the Great Bear Rainforest, the Gulf Islands, and spectacular Desolation Sound.

You hold the compass and the captain sets forth, dropping anchor in his secluded coves, inlets, and hidden bays.

Whether you’re a photographer, fisherman, nature lover or steward of the earth, the Yellowfin is sure to find your happy place. It’s just near the horizon, where the forests stand at attention, where whales come by to offer their greeting.


Bella Coola Heli Sports

Bella Coola Heli Sports

Operating in a glaciated wilderness in BC’s central Coast Mountains, Bella Coola Heli Sports is perhaps the skiing worlds best kept secret. Small group heli skiing in terrain the size of the Swiss Alps – without another soul around!

Ski like mad, then relax in one of the four specialty lodges outfitted for ski-bound revelers and adventurists.

Highly experienced professional guides cater from first time heli skiers to expert-only programs, including opportunities to ski first descents. Experience what “pristine” really means. Bella Coola Heli Sports will take you to the snow skiers dream of!