Canadian Luxury Guest Ranch | Western Horse Riding Adventures

During this Canadian luxury guest ranch vacation you'll learn a lot about working with horses and riding. SiwashSynergy™ Equine Experience is geared for beginner to expert western horse riding adventures. It is a Natural Western Horsemanship program that delivers a powerful, personal horse riding experience in a safe, supportive environment.

Learning to saddle up at Siwash Lake Ranch   While we embrace all riding styles (the owner's daughter rides both in the Western rodeo arena and in the English hunter jumper ring), during your stay at Siwash you'll be riding classic Western style. And we'll teach you everything you need to know. Our program coaches guests to be assertive and work on intuitive skills for building confidence and establishing trust with their mounts.

It could be that you're a very accomplished equestrian and your partner is a complete novice, eager to try a riding adventure with you. Perhaps you've never ridden, or you did when you were younger, and now you're keen to learn again because your children are riders...

If you are a novice, our goal will be to turn you in to a competent, horse-loving rider with a basic understanding and appreciation for the principles of natural western horsemanship. We strive to inspire.

Advanced riders are welcome to ride at their preferred pace, and our program offers more challenge and freedom for them than the average guest ranch. Our string of horses is very diverse, with forward moving mounts suitable for experienced riders—as well as those more suited for beginner and intermediate riders.

Unlike many ranches that only allow walking rides, everyone at Siwash is welcome to progress from walking to an easy jog, to extended trotting, and for those whom are capable, loping (cantering) their horses.

Even if you usually ride using the English discipline, it's no problem at all to switch over to our Western style riding. People who ride English generally have great balance and a well established seat; standing them in good stead when riding Western.

We welcome English style riders.

The main Differences between Western and English Style

There are a lot of similarities between the different riding styles... We'll even rise for the trot in Western (saves the horse's back and your butt!), but it's not quite as accentuated as posting, English style.

The main differences between English and Western riding are in how you hold and guide the horse with the reins, how you use your legs (relaxed unless you're asking for a change in movement), and the saddle itself, which is more roomy and designed for comfort during long days riding the range.

We use a gentle but firm approach in Natural Western Horsemanship style and our horses are trained for self carriage. They go well on a loose rein, with a natural, long and low frame. We'll be coaching and crafting your riding for a light touch, striving for a soft feel on your horse's mouth.


We teach in small groups at the barn, in the round pen, in our rodeo size riding arena, and during impromptu lessons while out on the trail. Guests who are really keen on taking their skills to the next level may request a private lesson if they wish.

Children who demonstrate an ability to safely control their own horse are welcome to participate in the Equine Experience with their parents. Otherwise, a young child may be led around the barn area and home meadow when a horse and staff are available.
  Small Children can participate in the horse program with their families