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Siwash Lake Marksmanship

Hone your marksmanship during your all-inclusive adventure holiday at Siwash Lake. Novice shooters will enjoy practicing their aim, while advanced marksmen can fine-tune their long-range shooting skills.

This introduction to supervised shooting sports and axe throwing is a really fun activity that appeals to all—men and women, boys and girls (ages 12 and up, possibly younger at management's discretion).



At our private gun range located in a grassy meadow, you'll have the rare opportunity to shoot a 12 gauge shotgun at a moving target — flying clay pigeons, also known as skeet. The range's covered stand offers protection from rain and sun. Skeet shooting at Siwash is a quick-trigger challenge with two fixed traps, or target throwers, designed to test the reflexes of the shooter. 


Using .22 calibre guns with very little recoil, guests can practice hitting steel reactive targets at distances between 10 and 50 metres. These reactive targets engage the senses by flipping, moving and making noise when a shooter hits his or her mark. Targets include a dueling shooting tree for optional competitive shooting. For added challenge, the range is 300 metres long, equipped with reactive targets and ideal for testing long-distance marksmanship skills.


Hatchet Throwing

The warm-up for your marksmanship experience at Siwash is spent working on your aim, learning to accurately throw hatchets at a wooden bulls-eye target set up on a tripod deep in the forest. 

Our guides train each guest on safety guidelines, proper handling and techniques with all equipment to ensure a safe experience for everyone. 

Through private instruction and a controlled environment, guests can develop new abilities while achieving a sense of accomplishment. Our program is designed to teach skills and safety to first-time shooters while giving experienced marksmen an opportunity to test their abilities.

  Warming up with throwing axes for the Marksmanship program at Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort