Horse Riding Adventure in BC Wilderness | Siwash Lake Luxury Ranch

During your stay at Siwash Lake, as an add on to the SiwashSynergy™ luxury equine experience, you have the opportunity to participate in a full day wilderness horseback riding adventure. Groom and saddle your horse at the barn, then mount up and ride into the wilderness with a private guide. Your destination will be the Bonaparte River. 

The ride down to the river from Siwash is 1½ - 3 hours, based on guest preference, and same for the way back, following a different path. On route you'll ride through the after effects of the wildfire that swept through in summer of 2017 and learn all about this rare and unique ecosystem.

The trail weaves in and out of wildfire affected areas and islands of lush green refugia — plenty of pristine forest and meadows that escaped the flames. You will also see secluded wilderness lakes that attract various waterfowl and wildlife, and expansive grasslands providing wide open range for your riding pleasure.

Whatever your ability, take your riding to a new level during this fun, 'a la carte' horseback riding experience in the wild.


Riding among the wildfires on route to the river

Early summer in the Cariboo brings a flush of new growth, creating lush oases of green amid patches of burned forest. Backcountry waters, swollen with spring run-off, nourish exquisite 'Fireweed' wildflowers that carpet the meadows and weave a Magenta tapestry between the blackened trees.

Your trusty mount awaits on the river ride.   At the river, you will have a couple of hours to play, relax and explore during this authentic adventure in the wilds. Your guide will take off bridles and loosen cinches so that your trusty mount can rest and wait quietly haltered nearby. In mid-summer the weather is generally plenty hot enough for you to take a refreshing dip in the wilderness waters.

On cool days you can snuggle in close to the campfire.  Enjoy cowboy coffee prepared over the flames and served in enamel-ware cups and marshmallows roasted over the open fire. 

Along with your private riding guide, an angling guide will be there to coach you in fly-casting for some classic fishing on the river.

A pretty place for riding at Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort   Marshes resonate with a symphony of bird song, while animals and their newborn are on the move in search of forage. 

Cougar, coyote, bear, moose, deer, and beaver are just some of the species native to the area, while a myriad of birds call the nearby snag forests and wetlands home.

Your guide will show you fresh sign and scat, and if you're lucky you'll see a wild animal in its natural habitat. When weather conditions are right, throughout the second half of June, and the first part of July, we'll see black bears and their cubs, and deer with their fawns, almost on a daily basis.

The River Ride:
A Quintessential Western Canadian Safari by Horseback

This is the best way to enjoy a wilderness adventure vacation—on horseback! Besides the exhilaration and  thrill of riding, exploring this wilderness paradise by horse has great advantages.

Guests can access habitat in a quiet, non-invasive way—very ecofriendly of course, but also essential for the best wildlife viewing.

We can get up close on horseback and as well as cover miles of territory in a single day.


One-on-one horsemanship & beautiful riding terrain during Siwash Lake's dedicated horse program   On the trail to the river at Siwash Lake   A gentle lope on route to the river.   Explore BC's rugged landscape on horseback at Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort