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3D Cross-Terrain Archery

Archery is a fast growing popular activity that provides a fun form of exercise and relaxation for the whole family amid Nature. Come play on our amazing 3-D cross-terrain course in the wilderness.

Learn from our expert guides how to accurately aim and shoot with a traditional Recurve bow and arrows. 



Whether you're looking to hone your bow skills or just wanting to try it for the first time, we guarantee great fun for all ages and skill level. Our guides provide extensive safety and technique instruction. Guests start by practicing on traditional bulls-eye targets while receiving personalized instruction. Aiming at your target requires proper concentration which brings about body relaxation. The action of releasing an arrow and watch it fly to its target helps in relieving stress.

Once you’re comfortable at hitting the practice target, head out into the forest where you’ll find an exhilarating and engaging 3-D archery course that can put your skills to the test.

A selection of foam animals are situated along a short, easy hiking trail. In this real life, fun version of the 'Hunger Games', walking the trail allows you to shoot at different angles and target positions to recreate an authentic bow-hunting experience. Striving to beat our course record provides competition for those who love a challenge!