Dining at Siwash Lake

At Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort, fine dining focuses on pairing the ritual of a meal shared with 5-star culinary experiences.

The lodge offers regional cuisine that rivals sophisticated city dining. Our culinary team presents clean, fresh flavours
with ranch grown ingredients and influences from the surrounding wilderness, combined with locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.


Wilderness culinary experiences - ethically harvested BC Spot Prawns

Wilderness Cuisine

Our climate conscious culinary and wine experiences offered while dining off-the-grid in the wilds of British Columbia will satisfy the most discerning foodie.

Eating food grown on site at the ranch, or foraged from nearby meadows and the post-wildfire snag forest, is at the heart of every Siwash Lake meal.  Respect for the sustainable production, harvest, and preparation of these ingredients is always at the forefront of Chef's mind.

Here, you have the luxury of time on your side. Whether it be an alfresco dinner overlooking the lake, or a robust multi-family experience in the Ranch House dining room, fine dining at Siwash Lake promises sumptuous flavours and leisurely repasts.


Wilderness Lodge Cuisine - sustainably caught BC halibut   Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort - the Ranch House fine dining room

Siwash brings Nature into the dining room

Culinary Rituals 

Dining at Siwash Lake is a remarkable lodge and ranch adventure that is rich in culinary experiences designed to reconnect you with the exquisite flavours, textures and colours of Nature. 

We have a passion for bringing Nature into the eating environment and for setting a distinctive dining scene. 

Meal times are celebrated with great attention to detail by our highly polished dining staff. At Siwash Lake, exceptional care is proffered in elevating the ritual of a meal shared.