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Siwash Lake Ranch is a world-class, luxury wilderness lodge and resort offering a myriad of authentic Canadian adventures. Nature based activities that are educational, action-packed and fun-filled! These are carefully crafted to leave families and couples feeling inspired, refreshed, and reconnected with their inner selves, loved ones, and the natural world.



Horseback Riding

Explore BC's remote and rugged heartland on horseback. Our dedicated riding adventure program, SiwashSynergy™ with Horses, is geared for novice through expert riders. With a private guide and gorgeous horse chosen especially for you, learn western horsemanship while roaming the range at Siwash Lake.

  Wilderness Survival is a privately guided Adventure at Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort.  


Wilderness Adventures

Enjoy authentic, backcountry adventures in our unique wilderness setting with a private guide. Step out of your comfort zone, learn new skills and discover new passions. Our honest, home-spun collection of half-day activities is educational in Nature, with tailor-made itineraries to satisfy anyone's wildest desire.

Flying fishing in wilderness solitude on Siwash Lake.


Self-Guided Activities

It's tempting to try and pack your Siwash luxury guest ranch holiday full of guided adventures, but we recommend that you take at least a full morning or afternoon to try some of our wonderful self-guided activities. Seize a rare opportunity to benefit from the restorative, healing powers of slowing down and spending time in Nature.


Whitewater River Rafting Safari is one of Our Favourites


Our Favourites

We have curated a selection of iconic, day-long safaris into the wild that enhance our robust, all-inclusive half-day guided wilderness adventures. These 'a la carte' exclusive expeditions are designed for those seeking bucket-list experiences — exciting and exhilarating adventures in gloriously, authentically wild environments.



Our private dark sky reserve for spectacular star gazing at Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort  

A Private Escape into Rugged Wilderness

Lope your horse through golden grasslands...

Fly-cast for Rainbow trout on a shimmering, secluded lake...

Or soar in a JetRanger helicopter, high above sage-strewn canyons...

While roaming wild and free amid British Columbia's rugged heartland, you'll travel by land, water and air, exploring amid our unique and enchanting setting with a private guide.

Spend a night star gazing at our private dark sky reserve. While luxury camping in one of our pioneer-inspired 'glamping' tents, this is an adventure in itself...

As is feasting upon food that's foraged from the wild, while dining 'alfresco'atop the Ridge on delicious campfire cuisine. From there you'll enjoy sweeping views of Siwash Lake and the wilds beyond.

Look westward to the Marble Mountains, beckoning from far horizon for you to embark by Siwash helicopter on safari to the mighty Gold Rush Canyon!



Adventure & Relaxation Amid Nature

Go hard all week with some adrenaline-fueled, action-packed adventures and a world-class, private guide. Or take some much needed solitude to find your Zen. Simply sit and soak up warm Cariboo sunshine that emanates from expansive skies. You can engage as much, or as little, as you desire. Unwind and restore, while cocooned amid the peace and quiet of Nature — seek wellness in a safe haven that is blissfully free of stress and distraction.



  Honoured by
National Geographic

You are assured marvellous adventures at this National Geographic honoured adventure lodge.  Siwash Lake is one of only few such places in the world. There are only 60 or so unique lodges like us located around the globe. Here, you'll discover some rare, genuine experiences that you won't easily find elsewhere.

Each of our Nature-based activities has a strong educational component and there's something special for everyone; for all ages and ability levels. The resort is geared for high-energy holidays during June, July, August. and September. 

Here you'll always find a blend of relaxation, action, romance, and family fun. We're small and exclusive, so we can tailor the vacation especially to your needs.

Siwash Lake is rated among the finest luxury wilderness lodges in North America. Enjoy an authentic western Canadian vacation amid the best of British Columbia's rugged terrain — including some rare and unique post-wildfire landscapes — with all the adventure you could ever wish for.