Learn About Climate Change & Ecology at Siwash Lake

At Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort, learn about the effects of climate change. Hike through our fire-licked forest, following the river to waterfalls that cascade into a deep, volcanic cavern. Here, a sapphire blue lake shimmers at the base of rugged, steep slopes...

The hike to this spectacular lake has always been a favourite with our guests. Since wildfire has transformed the landscape so remarkably, we've created a path that follows the verdant refugia zone along the river bed (area that survived the forest fire).

Exploring the waterfalls at Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort   Beautiful pink Fireweed wildflowers at Siwash Lake   Shower under the falls at Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort

This is an Indiana Jones type experience where you clamber over boulders, swing off burnt tree roots and traipse through the willows and long grasses that line the river bank to find yourself suddenly perched above the first set of waterfalls. In this lush green, humidity dome, you'll witness a stunning contrast between it and the severe burn all around.

When its time to take a break from your Nature studies, enjoy an open air shower, or cool off at the second set of falls in the natural Jacuzzi, a deep bubbly pool that is formed by the constant pounding of river water upon the rocks below.

The third waterfall has a significant drop, thundering into the lake, and you can admire it safely from below after your guide leads you down into the bottom of the crater. Once there, those keen on fishing may cast a line into the lake for wild rainbow trout.

Climate Change in action at Siwash Lake

Climate Change in Action

During this Siwash Naturalist hiking experience, you’ll learn about climate change, wildlife tracking, migration, habitats, flora, fauna, geology and more.

On route you'll watch for wildlife sign and your guide will interpret the sensitive ecology of the area.

Learn to understand the positive and negative impacts that fire has upon the land, and witness the differences between a creeping ground fire, a moderate burn, and a full-on rank six conflagration.

This is an excellent opportunity to view the effects of climate change, which many of our urban-dwelling guests have not experienced fully until they visit Siwash.

We hope to inspire and educate our guests to make a difference and do their best to help our fragile planet Earth when they return home.