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Resort Business Management Consulting

The SiwashSynergy™ consulting team guides tourism businesses and not-for-profit companies to succeed by providing solutions that focus on a broad scope of organizational themes. We’re a team of tourism professionals who help our clients deal with the demands of the industry to grow their organizations efficiently and with integrity.  

We work closely with owners and managers to ensure we understand the inner workings of a company and assess the challenges faced. We then collaboratively create a customized, practical and realistic plan for mitigating problem areas and optimizing opportunities, helping others achieve their business goals. 

At Siwash, the founding management team possesses a solid track record with demonstrated ability for crafting a world-class resort and then operating consistently with a healthy bottom-line, happy staff, and customers who are blown away by their guest experience. Having started at ground level with a piece of raw wilderness, Siwash has evolved from the quintessential "ma and pa" company to a globally awarded, five-star operation—without investors.

Our Management Expertise

  • HR Management
  • Operational Systems
  • Product Development
  • Branding
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Sustainability
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Strategic Planning

We fully understand how challenging this industry can be. Many owners and managers are overwhelmed, burned out, and short of resources. We've overcome these issues and a myriad of other business hurdles ourselves. We're ready to share our first-hand knowledge and support others who want to fulfill their vision, improve performance and standardize operations in order to increase their business's value across the board. We can help solve a vast array of problems and facilitate advancement by offering sound, practical expertise with our well-proven Siwash methodologies and frameworks.

SiwashSynergy™ — A Holistic Perspective

As founders and managers of a 'best-in-class' facility, the Siwash consulting team offers the tools and expert guidance to:
  • craft a world-class brand
  • cut costs
  • increase revenues
  • address HR issues and opportunities
  • develop product
  • create systems for more effective and efficient operations
  • devise growth, change and exit strategies
  • mitigate risk 
  • navigate the realm of travel trade
  • build a stellar website
Owner-operators can learn how to reduce their own workload and develop their 'number two'—second in command—so they can better enjoy the lifestyle they envisioned when starting their business.

In helping to move a company forward, the Siwash team offers innovative strategies that directly address the most critical issues and opportunities. We bring deep, functional expertise, but strive for a holistic perspective: helping to flush out value across boundaries and within the inner workings of any organization.

While applying true SiwashSynergy™, this resort management consulting team optimizes the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces of an operation.


With a long history of offering the very best in bespoke service, we are 100% customer focused. Combining lessons learned with considerable empathetic abilities, the Siwash approach to consulting falls along a continuum that is tailored to client needs: with a directive, expert approach at one end and a facilitative approach at the other. The desired outcome is owner-driven change.

As well, to be successful, organizations must embed sustainable principles in the core of their strategy, operations and culture. We work with companies to identify opportunities and develop robust business scenarios to make sustainability a source of ongoing and increasing value, creating impact for people, planet and profit.

Our end goal is to assist clients in improving their financial performance and making their organizations better places to work by ensuring that the entire organizational system is aligned and set up to deliver on clearly defined company objectives.


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